Tips For First-time Homeowners


Surprises you are going to get when you are a first-time homeowner

On tv, being a bachelorette with her place looks like a nice lifestyle, independence, glamor, parties, friends and doing whatever you want are the main plate on this occasion life gives you to enjoy.

But there’s a catch. Since you haven’t experienced this before, there’s no one to tell you what you have to do, what you have to keep in mind, and realize sometimes that was not a great idea after all. You sometimes feel like you are not prepared for the challenges a first-time homeowner has to deal with. Laziness for cleaning, lack of time for cooking, services to pay, mortgage, lease, the inventions you came up with when you weren’t conscious of the whole world of getting your place, the lack of criteria about dating and your neighbor’s opinions and gossips about your life. Not even mentioning the times a simple trouble at your house gets bigger than you can handle (a clogged tube), you realized you don’t even have a card of a handyman to solve that and lose your nerves. That can make you a victim of a scammer that will make you pay more for a simple job.

You have, to be a first-time homeowner, be ORGANIZED.

Becoming an organized first-time homeowner

  • 4t56hjryhtegKnow your payment dates (water service, electricity, subscription tv, phone) in order of being not surprised at all arriving home, pay your bills and keep control of the services you have to take care of.
  • Get as may presentation cards and phone numbers of handymen. (When a tube explodes, you will be ready to know where to begin instead of looking desperately on yellow pages or the web).
  • Save some money for unforeseen emergencies. You will never know how big is your problem and the time and circumstances of the emergency will make a difference in-between amount.
  • Try to schedule the duties at home. Most of the first-time homeowners become a mess during the first two years of this new lifestyle. Try not to be one of them. Save a whole weekend for a general cleaning date for your house.

Don’t let the expectations about your brand new home overwhelm you. This is a new experience you have to taste in bites. Try to adapt yourself to this new experience to remain independent.