Keeping pets at home is a must for most homeowners. However, the pets may misbehave sometimes and urinate on the carpet. Even owners of the best-trained pets confess that sometimes it is unavoidable to have pet urine on a rug. In such a case, you need to enlist the professional services of a carpet cleaning company to help you clean the carpet to get rid of the pet’s urine. The reason you should hire professional for pet urine removal is that it has negative effects when left on the carpet.

What are the adverse effects of pet urine on a carpet?

Bad smell

SAdxASDcThe most noticeable effect of pet urine on a carpet is the bad smell. Any pet’s urine does not have a good smell. A dog or cat’s urine has a sharp smell of ammonia, which is not pleasant. The bad thing is that the smell will affect everyone in the house for it diffuses to all rooms. This makes people at home uncomfortable. Furthermore, it can be a cause of embarrassment to the homeowner. In an instance where a visitor arrives and gets the whole room smelling ammonia, it will be an embarrassment to the owner.

Stain the carpet

Pet urine can also stain a carpet. If you have a brightly colored carpet, the urine may leave a conspicuous stain for everyone to see. This fact makes the carpet appear filthy while you can find that it is clean just for the pet urine. Just like the smell, stain on the carpet can be a cause of embarrassment to the homeowner should a visitor observe it. It looks like a sign of uncleanliness in the house.

Mold growth

Another adverse effect of pet urine on a carpet is mold growing. The urine provides a good ASAaDScAcondition for mold to grow since there is moisture created by the urine on the carpet. This is a health concern that needs urgent measure taken. The only viable thing that can save the situation is cleaning the carpet professionally to get rid of the pet’s urine.

Causes skin problems

Inhalation of ammonia has an adverse effect on the skin of eyes. Children are at a risk of facing eye and skin problems just for inhaling ammonia, which is from the pet urine on the carpet. There is need to clean the carpet before the children start suffering from these problems.