The Coleman Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub is a popular choice for many homeowners looking for a portable hot tub. It has a lot of advantages that makes it stand out from other hot tubs available in the market today. Considering that it a high-end hot tub, it is carefully designed to offer specialized features, and it is also durable compared to others tubs in the market. Check the review of coleman lay z spa to learn more. The manufacture of this hot tub Coleman has a reputation for making good and quality hot tubs, and it is no different with this particular model.

Benefits of the Coleman Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

Rigid make

The Coleman Lay-Z spa is made using durable materials that have been proved to stand the state of time. When looking for an inflatable hot tub durability is very important because most of them are susceptible to puncture and other problems. The tub is made using a Tritech material that is resistant to puncture and scratches. Despite being tough and puncture resistant it is also soft to provide you with comfort. The walls are strong enough, and you can sit on the side without the worry of collapsing.


Control panel

With advancement in technology, a central control panel is very important. The control panel makes it easy to operate the hot tub with minimal worries. For instance, the control panel, with allow you to set the water heating to the desired temperature and within a specific time frame. It is also possible to possible to determine the amount of time that you want the hot tub to run using the timer.

Water jets

One thing that you must love about the Coleman Lay-Z-Spa is the 120 water jets of the warm water that come with the hot tub. Once in the hot tub, the water jets can be very relaxing especially if you are looking for some massage to the muscles after a long day of work. The water jets massage is a feature that you might not find in other inflatable hot tubs.


Automatic water cleaning

It is important to look for an inflatable hot tub that can clean water in the tub. If you are in areas where there is a lot of hard water, you might want to purify the water to make it safe and suitable for your skin. The Coleman Lay-Z-Spa offers you a water cleaning option.